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Chimney Sweeping

Air regulatory systems are in place to improve the quality of breathable air indoors. This leaves room for the ducts and ventilation systems to collect harmful organic and man-made substances along with dust and debris. This includes infrastructure such as chimneys.

We employ the most advanced system of procedures that are designed to target pollutants all across the chimney structure on your property. Our work includes but isn’t limited to cleaning all types of air distribution systems and chimneys  in a commercial or residential kitchen. Our quality-oriented approach has driven us to keep with the times in terms of training and use of equipment.

Our framework includes a complete cleaning solution for chimney installations in large spaces as large as condominium complexes, retirement or other community homes, commercial kitchen, and restaurants as well as any other property that falls into the category.

Regular cleaning completed by our crew will improve the overall air and ventilation quality of the living and working space that you own. This also contributes to lesser respiratory concerns and impacts how much energy is consumed on-premises.

We are extremely detailed with our work and ensure that the inspection and cleaning of chimneys are completed on time especially for our commercial contracts. Our efficiency comes from the correct use of the equipment and enough manpower. Residential vacuum trucks are used when cleaning out chimneys where enough compression can be maintained. Our portable vacuum units are equipped with HEPA filtration systems to give our crew complete control over the vacuum power, especially when larger chimneys.